Our previous post Strategic Leadership through the current crisis has generated a lot of interest.
Leaderships in most organizations are severely challenged by the global COVID-19 crisis. Visual Strategy enables Strategic Crisis Leadership by visualizing the organization’s crisis plan.

The plan is the visual overview, each Decisive Point in the visual plan is supported by a coherent set of Actions that are validated and monitored.

​​​​​​​The plan is shared on Microsoft SharePoint and supports collaboration in Microsoft Teams, enabling strategy execution in remote work environments.

The plan is developed in Microsoft Visio, published on Microsoft SharePoint and supports collaboration in Microsoft Teams, simplifying strategy execution in remote work environments.

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Leaderships in most organizations are severely challenged by the global COVID-19 crisis. Few are prepared for the changes in processes and priorities required from liquidity challenges, remote working conditions and other external chocks.

Visual Strategy’s integrated strategy method and visualization IT-tool, imbedded in the Microsoft Teams platform, enable Strategic Crisis Leadership by visualizing the organization crisis plan, focusing on a coherent set of actions for crisis impact control, illustrated below.
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When working with strategy, we need to differentiate the way we work our short-, and long-term memories. That is, our short-term memory stores information sequentially, e.g. a short To Do-list and our long-term memory stores information in networked associations visualized with doing statements.

Strategy is about change and change is described by the end-state position we want to be in at the end of our strategic journey.
A well known end-state position is Kennedy’s famous statement:

“I believe that this Nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.”
 John F. Kennedy
Address to Joint Session of Congress, on Urgent National Needs (25 May 1961)

This end-state position describes the who and what to do in present tense and with a visual context that makes it easy for us to recall it from our long-term memory. The capacity in our long-term memory with networked associations is unlimited compared to our short-term memory with maximum 7 items.

To be successful with a chosen strategy is to define the end-state position with a visual context combined with a textual language of who is doing things.

Take this into account next time you sit down and define your strategy!

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Digital Strategy is not about devices but way of doing things

Digital Strategy is to embrace new technology to gain specific competitive business advantages. Unlock your growth potential and focus on building an organization and culture that can realize the strategy that’s right for you.

Digital Strategy to most organizations is about technology and a plan to modernize systems, architecture, and technology in hope of creating a competitive advantage. However, technological resources don’t create any value by themselves.

Digital Strategy is about doing things, to create a competitive advantage with your organization to align its critical capabilities with new digital technology that allows you to create value, which no other organization is capable of.

Read this execellent article about "What ´digital' really means" published by McKinsey&Company.

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I recently found a very good article that highlights 3 ways to execute your Strategy with a Clear Focus, Competence as a Capability and being Passionate about what you do. This takes you a long way down the road.

However I’d like to add a forth to this and that is the Directive or End-State as the main objective for executing the strategy. We all humans have an inherent desire to know where we’re going – a Desired End-State to reach and to win is something we all want!

In short:

1. Sharpen your Focus.
- Keep it simple
- Identify your one thing
- Know when to say no
2. Build your Competence.
- Treasure your talent
- Get systematic
- Balance your view
3. Ignite your Passion.
- Paint the picture
- Give what you want
- Create connections

Read the full article "3 ways to better execute your plan" at

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