Our Story

It all began at Ford Motor Company Light Truck Division in 1989.
Ford's objective was to shorten the cycle-time for the development of new vehicles. The initiative was given to the employees to make improvements on the main processes critical to the vehicle development. After a year or so, the process improvement and what actions needed to be taken to reach the goals became clear to me. In our monthly briefings, a lot of wasted time was spent on making the presentations "look" good.

The management knew they had to read between the lines through each presentation, but the presenters did not make it easy for the management by changing the layout-format-content of the presentation for each month in order to make it look better than the actual results.

Why spend time on formats and layouts? We made it easy for the management to understand the layout, by providing them with a coherent value-set drawn in a unique way to let them ask the appropriate questions. This change received a lot of recognition and adaptation. The experiences and learning from Ford have been translated into our own VisPlan method and product.

From Automotive and Aerospace to civil agencies

During the 1990s, Peter Kimber was part of the development of the digital transformation platform and management for Ford Motor Company, McDonnell Douglas Corporation and a couple of major airline flight operations in USA. By 2000, the Swedish Armed Forces started to use the method and tools. In cooperation with world-leading researchers from the Swedish Defense University, they developed the VisPlan software based on the quality-assurance philosophy “Quality Function Deployment”.