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Visual Plans for Better Business Outcomes - VisPlan®

Any plan and in particular strategic plans are comprised of a coherent set of actions leading to a wanted position. To be competitive, your advantage position must be unique, and the strategy is what you will be able to achieve over time and how you are going to be unique. Challenge your position in what really brings value to market, do not settle for lofty statements, and hope it will work.

Visualize what needs to be done

The challenge all organizations have is to take a formulated strategy into implementation and successful execution.
Our VisPlan® tool and method will structure your formulated strategy into a coherent capability based strategy that is aligned and ready to execute.

For a sustained growth strategy
Express your distinctive capabilities
to deliver value

Express your distinctive capabilities to deliver value

Capability is the link between actions and impact where a coherent interplay of actions and capabilities delivers the strategic intent. To have a coherent strategy is to have 3-6 distinctive capabilities that reinforce each other together with a line-up of selected products and services. 

A coherent strategy is a visual plan defined in VisPlan® with key choices and actions linked with reinforcing distinctive capabilities that creates the map where-to-play, how-to-win and the advantage position where to be in. All summoned in our visual solution.

The VisPlan® End-to-End offer

The approach is an End-to-End Capability Driven Strategy Execution, leveraging our visual method and tool in three stages:
Plan Formulation
Together the organization will define and prioritize those capabilities and ambitions that are critical to achieving the organizations strategic objectives.

Plan Communication
Key Initiatives and Actions required to build the delivery capability.

Plan Execution
Action plan executed in Microsoft Teams® or SharePoint® aligned with operational controls and progress monitoring.
This results in effective execution and can be applied to overall change programs, strategy plans or specific strategic planning.

Based on scientific research
Our strategy model is built on knowledge from the most respected business management institutions

A solid model and method

Our model is built on years of experience from a variety of industries, agencies and institutional domains. 
The model has a generic foundation that makes it independent of any type of pre-defined strategy, its focus is on doing things with support of IT and well documented methods!

Our offering is to provide you with a visual game-plan to deliver your strategic intent and the desired value proposition.

The methodology

You will take on from a given high level strategy formulation or directive, work-out a defined wanted position, align the position with no more than 5 objectives and 3 - 6 distinctive operational capabilities.

All Actions will be aligned with the operational capability driven implementation model. All this is done with a logical visualization structure that empowers the leadership to communicate the strategy throughout the organization.

With our visualization model, organizations have a clear understanding of the wanted position to be in with related what, how and why questions verified to get there.

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