Focus, Competence and Passion

I recently found a very good article that highlights 3 ways to execute your Strategy with a Clear Focus, Competence as a Capability and being Passionate about what you do. This takes you a long way down the road.

However I’d like to add a forth to this and that is the Directive or End-State as the main objective for executing the strategy. We all humans have an inherent desire to know where we’re going – a Desired End-State to reach and to win is something we all want!

In short:

1. Sharpen your Focus.
- Keep it simple
- Identify your one thing
- Know when to say no
2. Build your Competence.
- Treasure your talent
- Get systematic
- Balance your view
3. Ignite your Passion.
- Paint the picture
- Give what you want
- Create connections

Read the full article "3 ways to better execute your plan" at

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