The challenge to set goals

At the core strategy is about focus. This article about goal setting in marketing strategy, focus is as important says Chole Gray specializing in digital marketing strategies for startups. Her well defined insight is:

"The single most important thing to remember about marketing goals is to stay focused. Choose 1-2 core goals that impact the bottom line and 3-5 supporting goals, anything more than that will distract you from what’s most important."

She is right on with her statement that is in line with my experience from all the strategic plans and its success I have been managing. Whether it is marketing strategy or any other type of strategy it is all the same, it is largely about people. We, as humans have difficulties to deal with more than say 5 goals.
I always instruct our clients to have one (1) core goal with a clear focus and 3-5 supporting goals. This combination usually works and creates the needed change that the chosen strategy was supposed to do.

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How to Set Marketing Goals You Can Actually Achieve

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