Present your strategy on one page

How many times haven’t you seen a presentation, or for that matter made your own presentation, with a sea of words?

Although the modern media access to nice and glossy images have made the presentations less wordy for appearance, the problem with that is what does it all mean?

The key to success is if the visualization creates an aligned mental model for the leaders and co-workers so they can relate to it from memory day in and day out with the same recognition. A variety and multitude of images in a presentation creates only more misalignment.

I have heard it so many times from managers that the audience just remembered a small portion of their presentation. A general perception of what people remember from a wordy presentation is very low, around 10 – 30%. If you visualize your strategy on one page and always use the same layout, the likelihood for change in the organization is significantly higher than with a wordy and glossy images deck of slides.

The experience from our clients, both large corporations and government agencies, using the one page strategy with visual layout has been successful with expected outcome and in less implementation time than planned.

Bruce Scheer explains it very good in this video, although the actual numbers does not have scientific validity. 

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