What is Program Management?

Rarely do I run into presentations that cover difficult subjects in a simple way, but I recently found one on Youtube. 


Glenn Kerridge covers Program Management in a very straightforward and hands on narrated slide show.


The implication of Programs, Projects and Portfolio Management is often unclear even to corporate senior managers and executives. And in particulary in Sweden where the long term tradition is to run everything through Project Management.

"Start a Project" is the answer to almost everything within development or change management in Sweden.

Some lame attempts have been done within some companies in Sweden to rename the title Program Manager to Program Leader. However, the foremost critical thing to do is to educate the organization in what Program Management is all about and how it relates to Project and Portfolio Management.


Take a look at Glenn's informative and un-pimped PowerPoint presentation in this video.


It is equally important to position Program Management whithin the organisation, view our short slide show on Program Management positioning.


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