What is Strategy

A common misconception is to express strategy with activities; e.g. "My strategy is to outsource IT" that is not a strategy more of a step that we take within a strategy.
Strategy is the implementation of the cumulative sum of all the steps that will lead us to the End State - the position or the state we want to be in when the strategy has been implemented.

Many leaders express "their strategy" as something they want to achieve in the near future. It may very well be important to achieve at the moment. But a strategy has the direction and points out where the organization wants to be in the long term. Of course there are many steps along the way and each step should help you to reach the End State, but the steps itself are not the strategy.
To make sure that goals and objectives are aligned and consistent with the strategy a validated strategic plan will guide you. With our visual tool and method we can help You to create Your strategic plan that leads to the End State with successful implementation.


Harvard University Professor Michael Porter explains the difference between goals and strategy under 2 minutes in this video.


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